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Pope Equipment 1202 East Mountain

"Mission Statement"

Serving the southeast region of the United States since 1966, our acceptance as a quality distributor has given us the opportunity to assist many customers. Our dedication as a specialist has been to consider each application from a safety, efficient and an economical viewpoint.

We offer Material Handling & Storage Equipment to improve your abilities to unload / load, transport / convey, lift / rotate, store / locate, position / assemble, protect / package.

We hope to have the opportunity to work with you today.

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1202 East Mountain Street - Suite E
Kernersville, NC 27284


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AMP Lockers


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EZ Wire

EZ Wire Options:
- Doors and windows plus other
lock options available.
- Customize an EZ Wire system
to meet your specific needs.

EZ Wire ® is the patented "no nuts and bolts" security wire partition system designed to be the most economical and secure system in the industry. The EZ Wire ® hook-fastener system makes installation up to five times faster than standard bolted systems. Secure storage is achieved through the strength of 10-Ga. woven wire panels and 2-1/2" steel posts. Unlike bolted partitions, the system cannot be easily defeated with common hand tools.



EZ Wire
Align & insert panel hooks with slots in post. Insert Included drive pins through hook fastener into post. Hammer drive pin for a secure rivet-like connection!
*Machine screws may be used for temporary applications.


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1202 East Mountain Street - Suite E, Kernersville, NC 27284
Phone (336)992-3655         FAX(336)992-3382

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